Spider is a powerful web crawler built with Rust. Our API provides high-performance crawling at a cost-effective rate. We aim to be the best in class, assisting customers with varying data needs and use cases. Follow us on X (formerly Twitter) to stay updated on new features and learn more!

Our focus on AI and Agents

Spider started off as traditional crawling tool, however in the midst of AI exploding in popularity, it became clear that developers needed a fast and cost-effective crawler to use within a LLM and AI agent stack. We believe that the crawler should be the lowest latency in that tech stack. With that in mind, we're making these use cases our primary focus as we continue to improve on our platform. We're excited to see what you build with Spider!

AI Enhanced Scraping and Extraction

We believe AI can help solve some of the largest challenges with traditional scraping and data extraction. In the past few months, we've been exploring how AI can make web scraping and extraction simpler and more efficient for developers to use. As models become smarter, faster, and cheaper, we feel there's a place for AI to make an impact in this area. Spider's AI Scraper and Extraction API is in early beta now, so feel free to try it out and share your feedback!

A11yWatch maintains the project and the hosting for the service.