Privacy Policy

Learn about how we take privacy with the Spider project.

Spider offers a cutting-edge data scraping service with powerful AI capabilities. Our data collecting platform is designed to help users maximize the benefits of data collection while embracing the advancements in AI technology. With our innovative tools, we provide a seamless and fast interactive experience. This privacy policy details Spider's approach to product development, deployment, and usage, encompassing the Crawler, AI products, and features.

AI Development at Spider

Spider leverages a robust combination of proprietary code, open-source frameworks, and synthetic datasets to train its cutting-edge products. To continuously improve our offerings, Spider may utilize inputs from user-generated prompts and content, obtained from trusted third-party providers. By harnessing this diverse data, Spider can deliver highly precise and pertinent recommendations to our valued users. While the foundational data crawling aspect of Spider is openly available on Github, the dashboard and AI components remain closed source. Spider respects all robots.txt files declared on websites allowing data to be extracted without harming the website.

Security, Privacy, and Trust

At Spider, our utmost priority is the development and implementation of Crawlers, AI technologies, and products that adhere to ethical, moral, and legal standards. We are dedicated to creating a secure and respectful environment for all users. Safeguarding user data and ensuring transparency in its usage are core principles we uphold. In line with this commitment, we provide the following important disclosures when utilizing our AI-related products:

  • Spider ensures comprehensive disclosure of features that utilize third-party AI platforms. To provide clarity, these integrations will be clearly indicated through distinct markers, designations, explanatory notes that appear when hovering, references to the underlying codebase, or any other suitable form of notification as determined by the system. Our commitment to transparency aims to keep users informed about the involvement of third-party AI platforms in our products.
  • We collect and use personal data as set forth in our Privacy Policy which governs the collection and usage of personal data. If you choose to input personal data into our AI products, please be aware that such information may be processed through third-party AI providers. For any inquiries or concerns regarding data privacy, feel free to reach out to us at Spider Help Github. We are here to assist you.
  • Except for user-generated prompts and/or content as inputs, Spider does not use customer data, including the code related to the use of Spider's deployment services, to train or finetune any models used.
  • We periodically review and update our policies and procedures in an effort to comply with applicable data protection regulations and industry standards.
  • We use reasonable measures designed to maintain the safety of users and avoid harm to people and the environment. Spider's design and development process includes considerations for ethical, security, and regulatory requirements with certain safeguards to prevent and report misuse or abuse.

Third-Party Service Providers

In providing AI products and services, we leverage various third-party providers in the AI space to enhance our services and capabilities, and will continue to do so for certain product features.

This page will be updated from time to time with information about Spider's use of AI. The current list of third-party AI providers integrated into Spider is as follows:

We prioritize the safety of our users and take appropriate measures to avoid harm both to individuals and the environment. Our design and development processes incorporate considerations for ethical practices, security protocols, and regulatory requirements, along with established safeguards to prevent and report any instances of misuse or abuse. We are committed to maintaining a secure and respectful environment and upholding responsible practices throughout our services.

Acceptable Use

Spider's products are intended to provide helpful and respectful responses to user prompts and queries while collecting data along the web. We don't allow the use of our Scraper or AI tools, products and services for the following usages:

  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Illegal activity
  • Inauthentic, deceptive, or impersonation behavior
  • Any other use that would violate Spider's standard published policies, codes of conduct, or terms of service.

Any violation of this Spider AI Policy or any Spider policies or terms of service may result in termination of use of services at Spider's sole discretion. We will review and update this Spider AI Policy so that it remains relevant and effective. If you have feedback or would like to report any concerns or issues related to the use of AI systems, please reach out to

More Information

To learn more about Spider's integration of AI capabilities into products and features, check out the following resources: