End User License Agreement

Our end user license agreement may change from time to time as we build out the software.

Right to Ban

Part of making sure the Spider is being used for the right purpose we will not allow malicious acts to be done with the system. If we find that you are using the tool to hack, crawl illegal pages, porn, or anything that falls into this line will be banned from the system. You can reach out to us to weigh out your reasons on why you should not be banned.


You can use the API and service to build ontop of. Replicating the features and re-selling the service is not allowed. We do not provide any custom license for the platform and encourage users to use our system to handle any crawling, scraping, or data curation needs for speed and cost effectiveness.

Adjustments to Plans

The software is very new and while we figure out what we can charge to maintain the systems the plans may change. We will send out a notification of the changes in our Discord or Github. For the most part plans will increase drastically with things set to scale costs that allow more usage for everyone. Spider is a product of A11yWatch LLC the web accessibility tool. The crawler engine of Spider powers the curation for A11yWatch allowing auditing websites accessibility compliance extremely fast.


For information about how to contact Spider, please reach out to email below.