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The World's Fastest and Most Affordable Crawler API

Spider offers the ultimate data curation solution. Engineered for speed and scalability, it allows you to elevate your web scraping projects.

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Example request
import requests, os

headers = {
    'Authorization': os.environ["SPIDER_API_KEY"],
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',

json_data = {"limit":50,"url":""}

response ='', 


Comprehensive Data Curation Services for Everyone

Trusted by leading tech businesses worldwide to deliver accurate and insightful data solutions.

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Unmatched Speed and Capabilities

Built fully in Rust spider scales to the next-generation.


To crawl 200 pages


Faster than alternatives


Cheaper than traditional scraping services

Benchmarks displaying performance between Spider API request modes.
Spider API Request Modes · Benchmarked ·

Seamless Integrations

Effortlessly integrate Spider with a variety of platforms to curate data tailored to your needs. Compatibility includes popular tools for AI.

Concurrent Streaming

Save time and money without having to worry about bandwidth concerns by effectively streaming all the results concurrently. The latency cost that is saved becomes drastic as crawl more websites.


Powered by the cutting-edge Spider open-source project, our robust Rust engine scales effortlessly to handle extreme workloads. We ensure continuous maintenance and improvement for top-tier performance.

Kickstart Your Data Collecting Projects Effortlessly

Jumpstart web crawling with full elastic scaling concurrency, optimal formats, and AI scraping.

Leading in performance

Spider is written in Rust and runs in full concurrency to achieve crawling dozens of pages in secs.

Optimal response format

Get clean and formatted markdown, HTML, or text content for fine-tuning or training AI models.


Further boost speed by caching repeated web page crawls.

Smart Mode

Spider dynamically switches to Headless Chrome when it needs to.


Scrape with AI

Do custom browser scripting and data extraction using the latest AI models.

Best crawler for LLMs

Don't let crawling and scraping be the highest latency in your LLM & AI agent stack.

Scrape with no headaches

  • Proxy rotations
  • Agent headers
  • Avoid anti-bot detections
  • Headless chrome
  • Markdown LLM Responses

The Fastest Web Crawler

  • Powered by spider-rs
  • 20,000 pages/seconds
  • Full concurrency
  • Simple API
  • 50,000 RPM

Do more with AI

  • Browser scripting
  • Advanced extraction
  • Data pipelines
  • Perfect for LLM and AI Agents
  • Accurate labeling

Achieve more with these new API features

Our API is set to stream so you can act in realtime.

A user interface with a search bar containing the text "Latest sports news," a green "Submit" button, and two icon buttons.


Get access to search engine results from anywhere and easily crawl and transform pages to LLM-ready markdown.

A user interface segment showing three icons representing different stages of data transformation.


Convert raw HTML into markdown easily by using this API. Transform thousands of html pages in seconds.

Explore Our Social Media Crawling Capabilities

Effortlessly crawl, search, and extract data from your favorite social media platforms.

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Frequently asked questions about Spider

What is Spider?

Spider is a leading web crawling tool designed for speed and cost-effectiveness, supporting various data formats including LLM-ready markdown.

Why is my website not crawling?

Your crawl may fail if it requires JavaScript rendering. Try setting your request to 'chrome' to solve this issue.

Can you crawl all pages?

Yes, Spider accurately crawls all necessary content without needing a sitemap.

What formats can Spider convert web data into?

Spider outputs HTML, raw, text, and various markdown formats. It supports JSON, JSONL, CSV, and XML for API responses.

Is Spider suitable for large scraping projects?

Absolutely, Spider is ideal for large-scale data collection and offers a cost-effective dashboard for data management.

How can I try Spider?

Purchase credits for our cloud system or test the Open Source Spider engine to explore its capabilities.

Does it respect robots.txt?

Yes, compliance with robots.txt is default, but you can disable this if necessary.

Why is my crawl going slow?

If you are experiencing a slow crawl, it is most likely due to the robots.txt file for the website. The robots.txt file may have a crawl delay set, and we respect the delay up to 60 seconds.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes, if you make a purchase under $10 for your first transaction, you can try out the service before being charged.